Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

Cheat Shop

Update open all in shop PNS February 2013 , Hurry up try the cheat before patched and error !! The hack permanent and you can buy any items , jutsu , hairstyle, back item, clothes , weapon etc by using token or gold in Play Ninja saag (PNS) .. Okay use the following tutorial below :

Equipment :
- Fiddler ;  Click Here
- SWF File : Click Here
- Password rar : rolandjak23

Tutorial :
1. You must already have fiddler
2. Download SWF File >> Open Fiddler
3. Drag SWF File to fiddler
4. Open browser > Clear cache
5. Login to Play Ninja Saga (PNS) Dekstop
6. If The cheat work, your fiddler will be like this :

7. Go to shop= for buy weapon, clothes, back item,
- Go to academy= For buy jutsu
- Go to style shop = for buy hairstyle

8. Happy cheating ^^.. The cheat permanent

 NB: Please dont abuse this hack and keep visit my blog !!

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